27 oktober 2009


This is a European Network with member regions all across Europe with the common goal to develop regions through the promotion of local and regional food. Several of the regions were represented at Elmia Local Produce Fair and they combined it with their Annual Forum 2009. I was invited to their last dinner at "Den småländska kolonien" where I held the following speach:

"You are what you eat! In a globalised world it takes a lot to be noticed and remembered. Quality is more and more important. Originality is a necessity. Nutricious and ecological products will be required. Many people in our countries own too many things already and I believe that tourists are more and more interested in experiences.

Local and regional food is the souvenir of the future. But the forming of these souvenirs takes a lot of consideration. You are what you eat so how do you want people to remember you? I want Jönköping to be what we´re eating now – tempting, tasty and memorable. Our vision is the meal of tomorrow."

After my speach I gav them a can of my own homemade jam of sour cherries, picked in my garden this summer and made with love. It was very appreciated and will hopefully be served at their hotelbreakfast tomorrow!